The process behind the famous Stone Island Garment Dyed product

Did you know that a lot of Stone Island clothing is produced in a blank color and then dyed? This process is called Garment Dye, and makes Stone Island clothing unique! Stone Island is known as a pioneer in Garment Dye techniques, resulting in special effects on clothing.

Before the coloring process can begin, the product, such as sweaters or jackets, is first produced colorless. Then the coloring process can begin.
The blank product is first weighed so that a color recipe can be made. All ingredients in the color recipe are then weighed. All ingredients are mixed and put into a washing machine, where the product is then added. The water in the washing machine turns the intended color. Additives are then added to ensure that the product absorbs the color well and evenly. If different fabric materials are used, for example cotton and nylon, the end result can also have different colors per material. After running in the washing machine for several minutes, the fabric has absorbed the desired color. After the product has absorbed the color, the product is dried and pressed with steam.

As a finishing touch, the well-known Stone Island compass emblem is attached and another special product is ready for use!

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