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Santoni shoes

Santoni is known for its luxurious look and excellent quality. Santoni has a wide range of exclusive shoes. Whether you are a lover of loafers, neat men’s shoes, or sneakers. Santoni has a matching shoe for every lover. Do you want something different than an ordinary lace shoe? Then choose the shoes of Santoni!

The history of Santoni

In the year of 1975, the luxury shoe brand Santoni was founded. It all started from the studio of Andrea Santoni in the village of Corridonia. Here Andrea came up with unique designs according to old Italian tradition. These shoes were first made and sold from their ateliers. A few years later, this was expanded to a large eco-friendly factory in the small town of Corridonia. In 2013, son Giuseppe Santoni took over the company from his father. He ensured that the brand continued to expand while maintaining its traditional values. In the process, Santoni designed some modern shoe lines.

The leather of Santoni shoes

Santoni is characterized by the high-quality leather from which these shoes are made. All shoes are made in a traditional way from the finest leathers. Most shoes are made of calf leather. This leather comes from calves that graze at altitudes in the Alps. The temperature in the mountains is very changeable so it can go from -5 degrees at night to 30 degrees in the afternoon. Due to these temperature differences, the hide develops into a very solid and strong composition.

The leather has to pass the strict selection process whereby the leather is carefully checked with a magnifying glass for any defects. Only 10% of the leather on offer passes this strict selection by Santoni. Because of this high quality of leather, Santoni shoes guarantee years of pleasure and comfort!

Different types of Santoni shoes

Santoni has a wide range of shoes. The Santoni range consists of several different models that are all readily available. From neat men’s shoes and boots to loafers and sneakers. With a difference in laces, buckles, or a slipper without a clasp. So Vousten has a suitable shoe for every lover with the ideal fit.

Buy Santoni shoes online?

Want to buy Santoni shoes online at Vousten Sports? It’s very easy, safe, and fast. We ship an order over € 100 for free within the Netherlands and guarantee quick delivery. Do you want to complete your outfit? Combine the Santoni shoes with a Stone Island pants and a Stone Island jacket. And make it complete with our men’s accessories. Do you have any questions during your search for Santoni shoes? Our customer service is ready for all your questions.

Buying Santoni shoes in the store

Besides shopping online Vousten also offers the opportunity to buy your clothes in-store. You are more than welcome to visit us at the Vousten store in Schijndel. In the store, you can admire and try on all models of shoes. Do you have doubts about the type of shoe and the size? While enjoying a nice cup of coffee, we will discuss your wishes and come up with the perfect Santoni shoe for you. Because Vousten is an official Santoni partner, we have access to the largest stocks of Santoni shoes. Therefore, all shoes are often directly available from us.