Genti men

Are you looking for comfortable clothing that can be worn both casually and for business? Then Genti is the ideal brand for you. Genti men’s clothing is extremely comfortable due to the right fit combined with rich comfy fabrics.

The history of Genti

The Dutch brand Genti stands for the ultimate mix between sleek contemporary fashion and casual sportswear. The brand was launched in 2004 to introduce a new concept with the statement: “don’t be too serious”. Each item in the collection is designed for a man with a young mindset and individual style. For Genti clothing, innovative styling, use of special materials and high-quality manufacturing are essential. Core values are New Attitude, Rebellious, Young Mindset, and Individual Choice.

What makes Genti’s clothing special?

Genti collections are always new and different, to always meet the demands of the fashion-driven consumer. The focus is on the right silhouette of shirts, beautiful knits, cute jerseys, pants with tight legs, and short jackets.

Genti pays a lot of attention to the fits, so you feel that the clothes are tailor-made for you. Genti clothing is characterized by high-quality and comfy designs for in-and outdoors.

What materials are used in Genti clothing?

To underline the comfy character of the clothes, stretch is an often returning aspect in the clothes of Genti. In addition, Genti uses a lot of cotton and viscose in its clothing to ensure flexibility.

The collection of Genti

Genti’s collection is characterized by comfortable polo shirts which stay beautiful for a long time, knitwear with special knits, and hoodies combined with fleece pants for a relaxing outfit.

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