Luxury Herno men’s jackets

Are you looking for a jacket you can wear both formally and informally? Herno jackets have the perfect look for both a sporty, business, and casual look. Herno has a perfect jacket for every season!

The history of Herno

The Italian brand Herno was founded right after the 2nd world war in the town of Lesa in the Erno valley in Italy. The climate in this region is characterized by cold, rainy winters but hot summers. The philosophy of Herno clothing is based on these conditions. Jackets that can be worn all year round under these conditions.

The collection of Herno men’s coats

The Herno men’s collection consists of luxury down jackets with a slim Italian fit. These jackets can be worn for both business and casual. The down jacket is also complemented with a sleeve made of wool for a more sporty look. The advantage of wool is that it instantly warms your body.

What makes Herno’s jackets so special?

If you want a warm coat for the winter, it should be richly filled with feathers or down. Herno’s down undergoes rigorous quality control before it goes into the coats. A jacket from Herno stands for warmth, outdoor and sustainable production. In addition, the jackets are characterized by their low weight through the use of advanced technologies. The use of Gore-Tex for example makes the jacket not only waterproof but also wind resistant. In short, an easy-to-wear jacket that keeps you dry and warm.

The production process and materials of Herno jackets

The production process starts with the composition of the best quality filling for the jacket. The down comes from the food industry. Animal plucking is strictly prohibited at Herno. The down is considered waste in the food industry. Herno gives the down a second life. This is guaranteed with a Downpass Certification.

Every Herno product must leave the factory in excellent condition. Only the best materials are used and technological cleverness makes the jackets warm, light, and waterproof.

Is Herno menswear sustainable?

Sustainability is a high priority at Herno. First of all, the feathers are not derived from living animals and are certified to be sustainable. The renovated factory is equipped with solar panels to run the entire factory. In addition, Herno pays a lot of attention to employees within the production process. The workplaces are set up to the rhythm of the employee, so the employee can give 100% for the work. In addition to their continuous improvements within the production process, Herno is also working on better conformity between legal processes. Herno encourages actions from organizations that increase the awareness of each employee, also they do so to organize a safe workplace without overlooking any dangers. To continuously improve the employee’s workplace.

A Herno jacket for every occasion

Herno delivers jackets that are warm, elegant, and sustainably produced. A true Italian wears this jacket not only in his spare time but also business-like over his suit. The Gore-Tex material makes the jacket not only waterproof but also windproof. Moreover, it is also lightweight. Herno jackets also come with smart pockets. You can easily store all your essentials in them. A fancy dress party? A sporty outfit? An indoor or outdoor event? A Herno jacket is suitable for everything.

How is a Herno jacket sized?

All Herno jackets are made to measure. They are coats with an Italian fit, so slim. The cut is almost always slim-fit. Are you tall or broadly built? Then consider a size larger.

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