C.P. Company

C.P. Company

C.P. Company is a fashion brand known for its collection of modern sportswear. The fashion is distinguished by the innovative and original designs with a unique character. The brand C.P. Company is aimed at fashion-conscious men who want to look stylish, exclusive, and sporty. At Vousten you will succeed online in shopping for C.P. Company clothing with a choice of pants, cardigans, polos, and sweaters.

The history of C.P. Company

Massimo Osti founded the Chester Perry brand in 1971. This name refers to Chester Barry and Fred Perry as English clothing brands who subsequently took legal action in 1978. This made Massino Osti decide to change the name and establish the C.P. Company. The fashion brand quickly created a furor in Italy and has continued to do so to this day, with its popularity spreading to other countries.

What does C.P. Company stand for?

C.P. Company stands for fashion that can be seen as a hybrid refinement and mix of workwear, military wear, and sportswear. This involves the use of special and unusual fabrics developed with innovative techniques.

By whom is Company clothing worn?

C.P. Company men’s clothing is worn by men of different ages with a fashion-conscious character. They are mainly men who want to be casually dressed, stylishly present, and have high demands on comfort and design.

The C.P. Company collection

The C.P. Company collection is varied and it is possible to buy a complete outfit. Think of men’s pants combined with a sweater, men’s T-shirt or polo. The collection also includes sweatshirts, vests, and jackets as well as knitwear. In addition to C.P. Company clothing for men, there are also various accessories available, such as woolen scarves in different colors.

What makes C.P. Company clothes so special?

Company clothing is special because of its designs, but especially because of the use of special materials. This started early in the past, for example by replacing nylon in jackets with gabadine. This is a fabric that is characterized by its light and soft properties. In addition to the innovation in the use of materials, the clothing is further special because of the creativity in color with the dyeing of synthetic fibers.

Is C.P. Company sustainable?

The fashion brand is sustainable when it comes to the use of durable materials and their high quality. This is because these ensure the longevity of the clothing.

How do C.P. Company clothes fit men?

The Italian fashion brand provides clothes for men that fall normally. This means that you can order C.P. Company clothing in your size.

Buy C.P. Company clothing at Vousten Sports

Vousten Sports provides a C.P. Company store collection to allow you to order C.P. Company clothing online. You don’t have to look for a physical store to buy clothes from the popular and exclusive brand C.P. Company. Just browse the complete collection and buy clothes in the size you wear. The sizes range from XS to XL. The shipping of your order in the Netherlands is free if the amount exceeds € 100.00 and we provide fast delivery. That is usually within 24 hours and otherwise no later than the third day after your order of C.P. Company clothing.