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Santoni sneakers

Italian Santoni sneakers are known for their luxurious look and high quality. Unlike the normal sneaker, the Santoni sneaker looks informal and the shoe is of a higher segment. Complete your outfit and combine your sneaker with a Stone Island sweater or Stone Island jacket. With a wide range of Santoni sneakers, you’ll always find the Santoni sneaker that fits your outfit!

Handmade Santoni sneakers

Since 1975, Santoni sneaker models have been designed in the small Italian town of Corridonia. This year Andrea Santoni started her atelier with Santoni shoes. Here Andrea expanded the Santoni brand. Soon the brand became extremely popular so they had to move to larger premises. Today there is an environmentally friendly factory in the small town of Corridonia, where the entire production process is carried out. Each of Santoni’s sneakers is made by hand. Santoni is focused on making high-quality shoes that you can enjoy for years!

The range of Santoni men’s sneakers

Santoni has a wide range of men’s sneakers consisting of low and high sneakers. All these sneaker shoes are directly available from us. Because Vousten Sports has one of the largest stocks of sneakers, Vousten is an official and important partner of Santoni.

Low Santoni sneakers

The low sneakers of Santoni are chic and have an informal look. The low sneakers are made of calfskin or suede. The low sneakers are available in many beautiful seasonal colors. For example, we have white, green, black, blue, and brown leather Santoni sneakers. For every season a matching low sneaker.

High Santoni sneakers

Besides the low sneakers, there are also high sneakers of Santoni. When you attach great value to quality combined with appearance then you are at the right place with the high sneakers of Santoni. These high sneakers exude luxury and class. Each shoe of Santoni is a work of art. So is the high sneaker of Santoni. Our collection consists of beautiful colors of high sneakers. Are you going for a dark blue, brown, or blue leather sneaker or a black high sneaker? At Vousten Sports you can make every outfit complete.

The material of Santoni sneakers

All Santoni sneakers in our collection are made of excellent quality leather and suede. The entire production process of these handmade sneakers happens from the factory in Corridonia.

Leather Santoni sneakers

The leather is extremely suitable for making Santoni sneakers in calf leather. This leather comes from young calves that are up to one and a half years old. This leather has fine characteristics and can be recognized by its fineness and pure grain. These characteristics ensure a fine composition of the leather and flexibility.

The leather is carefully checked with a magnifying glass for any defects. Only 10% of the leather offered passes the sharp selection. At Santoni, quality comes first. This allows you to enjoy the sneakers for a long time. Also because of the good properties of the leather Santoni sneakers are suitable for all weather conditions.

Suede Santoni sneakers

For the sneakers of Santoni, we use rovesciato suede, which is a literal translation of inverted leather. Suede is the top layer of skin from a calf. In Santoni sneakers, this leather is flipped so that you have the soft fur layer on the outside and the leather side on the inside.

How do the sneakers of Santoni fit?

Santoni sneakers fall just a bit wider than normal. We recommend taking half a UK size smaller than your shoe size. In the beginning, when wearing the shoe it is still a bit stiff. With Santoni sneakers, it takes some time until the shoe is perfectly shaped around your foot. Check the size chart of Santoni for the appropriate shoe size for you.

Buy Santoni sneakers for men

Vousten has a large collection of Santoni sneakers. All Santoni sneakers are directly available. Also curious about the other Santoni models? Take a look at our complete Santoni collection. Order your sneakers easily, safely, and quickly online. Orders over € 100 will be delivered for free in the Netherlands. Prefer to view the sneakers in our store? You are welcome at our Vousten store in Schijndel. While enjoying a cup of coffee we can discuss your wishes and see what kind and size of sneaker suits you best.