Accessories for men

Men’s accessories complete your outfit for the day, evening, or night. Not only to look stylish but also to provide functional convenience. Of course, it is ideal to match your choice of men’s accessories to your favorite fashion brand. If you are wearing a Stone Island jacket, for example, a Stone Island cap or Stone Island hat will go perfectly with it.

Personalize your look with men’s accessories

Your unique look can be optimally personalized by adding men’s accessories to your clothes. Not only do you take the brand into account, but also your preference for color and design. This way you always can make the ideal choice out of the men’s accessories on offer.

Extensive range of high-quality accessories

Vousten is of course known for its luxury and exclusive fashion and this includes accessories for men. The men’s accessories are therefore of the highest excellent quality, such as Stone Island hats. They fit perfectly, look great, and last for years.

Stone Island accessories: caps, hats, and scarves

Stone Island caps, hats, and scarves are extremely popular when it comes to accessories for men. If you wear casual clothing from another fashion brand, Stone Island caps, hats and scarves make the difference. If you wear Stone Island men’s fashion then a cap, hat, or scarf from this brand will complete your outfit. Do you prefer accessories that match the C.P. Company fashion you’re wearing? Check out our large collection of C.P. Company.

Croco belts from Andrea D’Amico

In the range of men’s accessories, we provide items from a variety of brands. Croco belts from Andrea D’Amico, for example, are in high demand and we naturally have them available in our range. The belts are made of crocodile tails and thus can truly be considered unique and high quality. The high quality of 100% crocodile leather speaks for itself. Practical convenience has been thought of with a quick release buckle and on top of that, you have the choice of all kinds of modern colors with a natural or extra striking hue. Your belt can be made to measure if you mention this in your order.

Jacob Cohen scented candles

You want to put on some fragrance when you go out, but when you’re at home it’s nice to have a nice scent too. Therefore, we have included special Jacob Cohen scented candles in our range. Of course, these scented candles are luxurious and exclusive. It concerns soy scented candles with a design of silver leaves, hand-painted by a Tuscan craftsman. This ensures that you have a unique copy. Choose your favorite color, such as red or blue.

Buy men’s accessories at Vousten

Once you are shopping at Vousten’s, of course, you want to make sure you look perfect. Combine your Stone Island pants, sweater, or cardigan with men’s accessories such as a cap, hat, scarf, or Croco belt by Andrea D’Amico. You will feel truly complete with men’s accessories of the same luxury level as your clothing. Vousten is known as a provider of luxury fashion brands and accessories. This is not only reflected in our clothing and accessories but also in our excellent level of service. Among other things, you can count on fast delivery. Often that is within 24 hours and otherwise, you get the order within four days at the latest. You can pay for your order with various payment methods, such as iDeal, PayPal or credit card.