Parajumpers mens

Parajumpers is known for its timeless and innovative designs made from durable materials. Besides timeless, Parajumpers clothes are also functional and fashionable. Vousten Sports has a wide range of Parajumper clothing from men’s jackets and body warmers to pants, sweaters and T-shirts. Discover the wide assortment.

The birth of Parajumpers

Italian top designer Massimo Rossetti founded the Parajumpers brand in 2006. He was inspired by a rescue worker he happened to meet in a pub in Alaska. This rescuer was a member of PJ’s rescue team who is trained to search and rescue people in the most extreme situations. In emergencies for ships on a wild sea, a submarine that has sunk for miles, or mountain climbers in distress at 4000m altitude, the rescue team is called in.

With this inspiration, Massimo decided to design water- and windproof jackets where the body keeps warm even in temperatures far below zero. In addition, the jackets have characteristic elements for rescue workers, such as many storage pockets for all the GPS equipment and other technological tools. In addition, you can see hooks in the jackets. These are used by parachute sweaters during quick releases.

What materials does Parajumpers use?

The jackets from Parajumpers are made of high-quality materials. The most commonly used fabric is Nylon in combination with a down inner lining. This material is wear-resistant and wind- and waterproof. The materials that P.J.S. uses must meet strict requirements. The material is tested according to the REACH procedure. This procedure aims to protect human health and the environment. Thus, no harmful substances and chemicals may be used in the production of Parajumper clothing. Because of these durable and exceptional quality materials, you can go on for years with a Parajumpers jacket.

Some jackets from Parajumpers have a detachable fur collar. The fur collars of Parajumpers come in two different materials. One is made of coyote fur from North America. This material meets the highest quality standards and comes from coyotes that live in the wild. The other fur collar is made of synthetic fabric.

What makes Parajumpers clothes unique?

Parajumper clothing stands for appearance, luxury, and quality. The distinctive details of rescue workers and parachute sweaters make Parajumpers clothing unique. The most characteristic feature of a Parajumper jacket is the yellow cord / yellow strap. This yellow cord refers to the Parajumpers parachute yellow strap. This cord is usually on the back and front of the jacket. With this strap, you can close the jacket high and secure it in an iron hook.

Many people in Alaska or Iceland wear a Parajumper jacket that provides them with optimal protection. Parajumpers clothing is not only functional but also extremely innovative. After purchasing these clothes, you will not have to buy new clothes for years, both in terms of quality and fashion. Clothes of Parajumpers stay in fashion for years!

The range of P.J.S.

The Italian designer brand Parajumpers has a large assortment of clothing. There are Parajumper jackets and bodywarmers in different lines and all kinds of colors. From longer parka jackets to short outdoor jackets with or without a hood. In addition to jackets, P.J.S. also has T-shirts and polos. These can usually be recognized by the small Parajumper logo on the left shoulder. Complete your outfit with a Parajumper jog pants. These are very comfortable soft pants with a yellow stripe on the waist that you can use to tighten the pants. Furthermore, you will find in the P.J.S. collection Parajumper sweaters, cardigans, and accessories like hats.

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