Body warmers

Stone Island bodywarmers

Besides the Stone Island jackets, Voustensports also has bodywarmers with a maritime, military and sporty look. Do you ever doubt whether you should wear a jacket before going outside? Often it is just too warm for a jacket, but also too cool to go outside in a jumper or t-shirt. A Stone Island bodywarmer is ideal for such moments. A bodywarmer is actually a vest or a jacket without sleeves. With a Stone Island bodywarmer, you can keep the upper body warm without it restricting your movement.

What makes a Stone Island bodywarmer unique?

Stone Island has a suitable garment for every season. That also applies to the jackets from Stone Island. For the periods in the year when it is just too warm for a coat, Stone Island has stylish body warmers as an alternative. With a bodywarmer, you can decide how warm you dress depending on what you wear underneath. You can choose to wear a Stone Island polo shirt / T-shirt or Stone Island knitwear underneath so that your outfit is complete. The advantage of a Stone Island bodywarmer is that you can move more freely without sleeves. In addition, the bodywarmer has two pockets with zip. Ideal for storing your personal stuff!

The materials and production of Stone Island body warmers

The model Stone Island bodywarmer stretch is made of nylon and through a special weaving technique it has unique invisible seams at the created compartments in the bodywarmer. These compartments of the Stone Island bodywarmer are filled with the finest feathers. These properties ensure that your body stays warm and light at the same time. When you are outside and like to walk or explore the area, a Stone Island vest is the perfect lightweight addition to your equipment.

The Stone Island bodywarmers have undergone a special dyeing process. A distinctive feature of this wash is that there may be unevenness in the color of the surface. Furthermore, all bodywarmers feature a beautiful Stone Island emblem on the left chest with the compass symbol.

Which Stone Island bodywarmers are in our collection?

The bodywarmers at Voustensports vary in model and color. Vousten has a Stone Island vest stretch model that is available in green and grey. This model bodywarmer has a compartment structure that is filled with an insulating down filling. It also has a high funnel neck, a full-length zip and a pair of side pockets on the front.

Voustensports also has a Stone Island bodywarmer ghost piece model in the color dark blue. A sporty line that is completely based on camouflage and looks nice and tight. The Stone Island bodywarmer is breathable, windproof and waterproof by the functional 5-layer stretch fabric.

We also have a Stone Island waistcoat with unique Y-shaped filaments in the yarn. These filaments ensure a more stable construction of the material, and it makes the surface of the Stone Island bodywarmer smooth and flowing. The unique material of the bodywarmer is water-repellent and of good quality, which makes it last for years and endures many washings. This Stone Island bodywarmer has a PrimaLoft lining so your body stays warm and the bodywarmer is nice and lightweight.

Buy Stone Island waistcoat at Vousten.

Would you like to buy a Stone Island bodywarmer? Come and visit us in the Vousten shop in Schijndel and try on the various bodywarmers. We gladly give you advice on finding the right size and model bodywarmer. You can also order your body warmer with us online via Voustensports. Herewith you can rely on a safe payment and fast delivery at home. Combine your bodywarmer with a matching Stone Island sweater. The military batch on the left sleeve in combination with the bodywarmer makes your outfit complete!