D’Amico men

The Andrea D’Amico collection at Vousten Sports consists of crocodile leather belts of the highest quality in various colors.

The history of Andrea D’Amico

Andrea D’Amico has more than 30 years of experience in the production of luxury belts for men in which the high quality and “made in Italy” is central. The company is based in Villanova Italy, a town near Bologna. D’Amico started producing the finest crocodile leather belts, the Croco collection, in 2001.
What makes the Andrea D’Amico brand for men unique?
The success of D’Amico lies in the precise, small details and the strong vision for luxury products. Only the highest quality leather goods are used in the production of crocodile belts. As a result of constant innovation in materials and manufacturing, D’Amico Croco belts are of the highest quality.

D’Amico Crocodile leather belts

Every year Vousten Sports puts together a collection of the finest Croco belts in various colors. The most beautiful piece of leather of a crocodile runs across the middle of the back and tail. Here the scales are the most coarse. This coarse structure is seen in D’Amico’s Croco belts and is less used by other brands because of the complicated production process. The crocodile leather comes from farmed crocodiles to protect the species. This also ensures that the leather has no traces of fighting between them.

The Andrea D’Amico collection for men

The Croco belts are available in a variety of colors. This makes the belts perfect to combine with any outfit. For example, Croco belts can be matched with your shoes. The belts are 1 size and can be expertly and invisibly tailored by us.

Buy Andrea D’Amico Croco belts for men online

Vousten Sports has a large selection of D’Amico Croco belts in various colors available all year long. There is also a large stock of Dukes Finest Artisan belts and accessories throughout the year. For example, you can combine your belt with a modern pair of Jacob Cohen pants for men. At Vousten Sports you can order Andrea D’Amico products safely with a money-back guarantee and free delivery within Europe. You can also use Afterpay.

Buy Andrea D’Amico men’s belts in the store

Of course, there is also the possibility to view and try on the Croco belts in our store in the Netherlands. Also here we like to customize the belt for you. Besides the D’Amico, discover our full collection of other great brands including Stone Island men’s, Parajumpers, C.P. Company, Genti, Santoni and more!