Dukes Artisan Belts

Dukes Artisan Belts

Extraordinary, unique accessories complete your outfit!
A Dukes Vintage belt is perfect for fashion-conscious enthusiasts looking for a creative accessory with a rich history.

The history of Dukes Finest Artisan

Austrian founders Ursula Klein and Michael Herzog designed the first Dukes Artisan Belts collection in 2008. Original vintage army belts at least 30 years old were transformed into true pieces of art in this collection. The founders’ handwriting, passion and pursuit of perfection can still be seen in every Dukes Artisan Belt.

What makes Dukes Artisan belts unique?

The basis of the Dukes Vintage Artisan belts is one original vintage army belt at least 30 years old. These belts come from vintage collectors from all over the world. Each belt has its own character and history. Wear, scratches and other signs of age make each belt unique. All Dukes Finest Artisan belts are handcrafted by the artists of Dukes.

The production process of Dukes Artisan Belts

Each belt is cleaned and treated with special oil. Inspired by great historical moments, the belt is artistically turned into a work of art by the artists at Dukes. The entire process is done by hand.

The Dukes Artisan Belts collection for men

The Dukes Artisan collection consists of the Vintage Artisan collection and the Artisan collection.

Vintage Artisan collection

The vintage collection consists of the restored and extremely rare army belts that are up to 30 years old. Each piece has its own character and is like no other. Manufactured in limited editions, an individual serial number makes each style a unique and authentic collectible.

Artisan collection

The Artisan collection is the widest range and consists of leather accessories with numerous hand-painted motifs and color prints. The designers draw narrative motifs inspired by nature, fine art or the great cultural eras. The hand paintings illustrate the great historical moments through the centuries such as Pearl Harbor, the legendary samurai, the distant culture of the Mongols and as one of the main themes they present the lives of famous personalities.

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