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At Vousten Sports we offer an exclusive collection of Jacob Cohën men’s clothing, perfect for the modern man who appreciates luxury and quality. Jacob Cohën is known for its high-quality denim and handmade finishes, resulting in trousers that are both stylish and comfortable. Discover our range of Jacob Cohën trousers, polos and t-shirts and experience the perfect combination of craftsmanship and elegance. Add a touch of luxury to your wardrobe today with an item from Jacob Cohën!

Jacob Cohën men’s clothing

Jacob Cohën is an exclusive brand known for quality jeans made from the finest denim fabric in the world. Compared to standard denim pants, Jacob Cohën pants are very comfortable. Also, the jeans from Jacob Cohën are handmade and durable. Complete your outfit by combining your Jacob Cohën jeans with a Stone Island sweater and a Stone Island jacket.

The history of Jacob Cohën jeans

The Jacob Cohën brand was founded in 1985 by Tato Bardelle in the Italian village of Adria. At the time, Bardelle was looking for the perfect jeans that were comfortable and had a formal look. After thorough research, he discovered the fabric: Japanese Kurabo denim. The fine stretch fabric is of exceptionally good quality. Besides looking elegant, this fabric also felt very soft on the skin. Tato named his clothing line after the local tailor: Jacob Cohën, who had already passed away at the time. The tailor Jacob Cohën was known for his artistic and timeless designs.

In 2003, Tato’s son, Nicola Bardelle, took over the Jacob Cohën company. Thus followed several jeans lines including the version: Jacob Cohën jeans J688 and the J622 slim. Nicola introduced Jacob Cohën around the world and created multiple Jacob Cohën outlets across 40 countries. After Nicola’s sudden death, his wife took over the company in 2012. With the help of her creative brain and with Nicola’s ideas in mind, the company was able to resume.

Handmade Jacob Cohën men’s clothing

All Jacob Cohën clothes are still today made by hand in Veneto, the same region where it all began. During the production process, no chemicals are used to dye and wash a pair of jeans. At the Jacob Cohën, a Greek pumice stone is used. Because the fabric is washed with a pumice stone each pair of jeans is unique. Even with today’s modern technologies, Jacob Cohën continues to hold on to the quality that the brand is known for.

Jacob Cohën jeans collection

Jacob Cohën has a wide collection of denim jeans. All pants have a chic look and are comfortable. At Jacob Cohën you can choose a pair of jeans that fits around the thighs and calves or a pair that is just a bit looser around the legs. Jacob Cohën has a perfect fit model for every fit. Because we are an official partner of Jacob Cohën our jeans are immediately available.

J622 Nick Slim jeans

The J622 Nick Slim is known as a modern hipster stretch jeans. Compared to other Jacob Cohën models the J622 slim is the narrowest jeans. The jeans are connected on the thighs and run from the knees tighter towards the ankles. The fine Kurabo denim stretch fabric ensures that the jeans are well-fitted on the legs. In addition, this soft denim fabric makes the pants extremely comfortable. These J622 jeans have a low waist which makes the pants extremely hip and young-looking.

J688 Bard jeans

The J688 Bard jeans are in comparison with the J622 Nick Slim a looser model. This model has a tailored fit with a straight leg from hip to ankle. The J688 is a true classic and is very suitable for men with a wider or fuller posture. These Cohën jeans have plenty of legroom and a normal waist height. J622 Nick Slim is a durable and comfortable pair of jeans that will last you for years!

Jacob Cohën limited edition

Besides the different jeans lines, Jacob Cohën also has Limited Edition jeans in its range. These jeans are designed in the current jeans models and have a unique wash as well as their specific features. The pants are characterized by the numbered patch on the back. This way you know which number you are wearing out of the only 550 limited edition pieces.

Limited edition pants have exclusive buttons and rivets made of sterling silver. By occasionally polishing your buttons will always shine. In addition, these jeans can be recognized by the woven-in flowers on the right back pocket. Unlike the other models, the limited edition jeans have a limited number of editions so these pants are not available in every size.

Jacob Cohën men’s clothing at Vousten Sports

Vousten has several different jeans models in their assortment. Curious about the other jeans lines of Jacob Cohën? Take a look at the complete Jacob Cohën collection here. At Vousten Sports you can order online fast, safe and easily. Would you rather try a pair of jeans with us? You are welcome in our Vousten store in Schijndel. Here we can discuss your wishes and help you find the right model and size of Jacob Cohën jeans.