Stone Island has been a popular brand among young people for years, but also among older people. You have probably heard of the brand before, or seen the logo on someone’s clothes. The outerwear of Stone Island, including the Stone Island jackets and the Stone Island sweatshirts, can be easily recognised by the compass logo on the left sleeve.

Are you hesitating about buying a Stone Island clothing item? In this article we explain exactly what makes Stone Island clothes so unique and why it is a valuable investment.

The Stone Island badge on garments

Probably you have seen it before, the Stone Island emblem on the left sleeve of a garment. This emblem is also called the patch because most of them are removable by means of press studs. But what is the story behind the Stone Island emblem?

The history of Stone Island

It all started in 1982, when Massimo Osti, the designer from Italy, made an extraordinary discovery. A truck arrived at the factory of his company “C.P. Company” with a special material. This material was very similar to the truck tarpaulin material. The two-colored, reversible fabric he had discovered was very unique and completely different from the materials Massimo used to design clothes for C.P. Company. He decided to start a new collection with a new brand name called Stone Island.

Where does the name Stone Island come from?

The brand name Stone Island was created after his passion for reading the books of Joseph Conrad. This writer mainly wrote about the tough life at sea. These stories left Massimo with two words that stayed with him: stone and island. These words have been used together as a new name for the brand: Stone Island. Furthermore, Massimo had a great love for military uniforms and the maritime sector. The Stone Island badge features a compass inspired by military uniforms. When wearing a Stone Island sweater with the emblem, you will spontaneously feel a strong connection with the brand that you have never experienced before!

Unique designs with special fabrics

Massimo used the discovered material to make unique clothing, only the raw fabric was still a bit too stiff. He decided to treat the material with seawater and a Greek pumice stone in a washing machine. This made the material much more supple and it was possible to make unique clothing pieces from it. The seawater treatment gave the clothes a maritime effect. This is how the first Stone Island maritime collection was born.

Stone Island continues to evolve daily

Stone Island is busy researching materials and functionality on a daily basis. Take for example the unique Stone Island swimshort. These are made of a special light shimmer fabric that looks different in every light. In addition, the Stone Island laboratory is endlessly busy with trying out dyes and treatments. Over the years, the laboratory has already developed 60,000 different recipes for dyes. How cool is that!? Moreover, Stone Island comes up with a new unique collection every season, with various colors that fit in with the current trends. This way Stone Island keeps developing and the designs of the new collections are certainly not less special than in the past.

Stone Island uses special processing and treatment methods and continues to develop. In addition, Stone Island distinguishes itself through its special painting techniques. Since Stone Island uses unique materials, standard painting techniques cannot be applied to them. Through the specially designed dyeing techniques for these materials, Stone Island designs unique garments. Do you like unique clothes? Then the brand Stone Island suits you perfectly!

Durable quality

Do you think it is important that the clothes you wear are made in a sustainable way? Perhaps at this point your doubt turns into a purchase. The clothing of Stone Island is also characterised by the sustainable quality of the fabrics, which are all carefully studied beforehand. In addition, during the special dyeing process of Stone Island, no chemicals are used and also 85% less water than in a normal process!

Stone Island has qualitative, timeless clothing with a nice story and a cool military badge, which is also super comfortable. In short, a good investment for the long term that is absolutely worth it!