AirPod ‘Friendly’ clothing

The new collection of the Italian clothing brand Stone Island is a must-have for Apple fans. The 2017 autumn / winter collection contains sweaters and caps that make saving your AirPods very easy. For example, you can find two small boxes in the garments where you can move your AirPods. The stylish aspect of this is that the AirPods protrude a little so that everyone can see it. This way you can not only show off your clothes but also with your AirPods.


At first glance, Stone Island jerseys and caps seem to be the ideal solution for anyone who quickly loses his AirPods and wants them at all times at your fingertips. However, the storage of your AirPods in the boxes referred to is of course a danger. The AirPods are not very sturdy and could fall out of your clothes. Especially while walking or cycling, they are likely to land on the ground. In this way, the AirPods can easily become victims of theft. The new line of Stone Island is therefore ideal for home, but watch out as soon as you go out. Make sure you do not accidentally lose beautiful Airpods.

New trend?

Stone Island tries to put a new trend with its AirPod ‘Friendly’ clothing, innovative as the brand is. Although, of course, the idea is very good, its actual effect should be awaited. At home or at work, the sweaters are a very nice addition to your clothing range. They are stylish and offer something aparts that not everyone has. If you go outside, make sure you keep an eye on your AirPods. Especially the hat needs extra attention. It would be a good idea to lose your AirPods.