About the brand Hogan

In addition to Santoni shoes, we have a wide range of Hogan shoes in our assortment. Hogan a popular brand among men who want to combine style and comfort with a luxurious and exclusive look. Hogan sneakers are an example of the items that this quality brand develops. The brand was founded in 1986 and from the beginning the focus has been on designing and producing fashion based on craftsmanship and high-quality materials. The look of classy cricket is incorporated into the style of Hogan sneakers for men, among others. Consequently, there are elegant and sporty designs. Vousten has an extensive collection of Hogan shoes for men.

Hogan sneakers: luxurious and casual

The casual style has taken a permanent place in men’s fashion and certainly also in shoes. It is not for nothing that Hogan sneakers are enormously popular among men who want to radiate a casual style with a luxurious design. The combination of exclusivity and quality with a sporty look and elegant design form a successful formula for Hogan. Of course, every man has a preference for a certain color or color combination. That’s why our selection of Hogan sneakers for men is varied.

White Hogan sneakers

White sneakers should certainly not be missing from the men’s shoe collection. Hogan sneakers in white have become an established trend and combine perfectly with all kinds of outfits. For example, jeans just as white Hogan sneakers look great under a suit. In addition, white Hogan shoes for men are suitable to wear on all kinds of different occasions, ranging from a visit to a sporting event to a cozy dinner out. Hogan shoes can also be worn to work because of their exclusive character and luxurious look.

Hogan shoes in color combinations

In addition to white Hogan shoes, it is also possible to choose sneakers in a combination of colors. There are sneakers available with a green-grey hue as a basis for which colors have been added in detail. There are also versions of Hogan shoes available in which the laces have a color, such as orange, red, or dark blue. In this regard, there is plenty of choices to take into account with personal for a color.

Contemporary Hogan men’s collection

The Hogan collection of shoes for men stands out in design, quality, and comfort. The outsole is lightweight and provides optimum grip on the ground. The contemporary collection of Hogan sneakers combines a retro look with a bold design and you can use them to complete your outfit.

Quality and comfort

When buying sneakers, they must be of excellent quality and offer optimal comfort. This guarantee applies to sneakers of Hogan that provide a perfect fit in the right size. In addition, high-quality materials with wear-resistant properties have been used, so that the shoes have a long life.

Directly available from stock

Hogan shoes are available directly from stock. This offers the advantage that we ensure fast shipping. If you order a pair of Hogan sneakers at Vousten Sports today, we will make sure that your order is shipped before 18:00. In this case you will receive the shoes from Hogan the very next day. Moreover, shipping is free throughout Europe and we provide a variety of payment methods. When ordering Hogan sneakers you choose the right size and place the shoes in the shopping cart to continue shopping or pay directly. By the way, we offer our customers a “not good, money back” guarantee and have an easy return policy.