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Stone Island Online Vousten

Stone Island men's clothing

Have you already become acquainted with our Stone Island men's clothing at Vousten? This is not just another Italian brand. They show formidably how style and innovation go together. This modern clothing brand is even praised worldwide for their specialization in surface treatment, fabrics and painting techniques. This ensures that their clothing is durable, tasteful and perfectly finished. They meet the demanding modern man. Through this combination of technology and design, they know how to create interesting jackets, sweaters and polo shirts. These are fitted in all sizes with the famous Stone Island logo patch. This makes the brand unpredictable because every season Stone Island manages to surprise us with their new collections.

Recognizable Stone Island men's clothing

Stone Island was founded by Massimo Osti and has been around for more than thirty years. He is known for the recognizable and striking logo. The compass on the left sleeve, called the Patch, has since become his trademark. It can be concluded that he has made the brand successful. His hand is still visible in the increasingly extensive collections. Nowadays you can buy matching accessories with every summer or winter jacket. Without sacrificing comfort, they use lightweight polyester for their luxury coats, which is at the same time thermosensitive and waterproof. Stone Island creations are therefore sustainable, contemporary and practical. The use of innovation and design comes together sublime and delivers modern men's clothing.

Extensive Stone Island collection Voustensports

View the perfect finish and details in our online store. The special colors can be called contemporary and even striking. This undoubtedly contributes to the popularity among the young generation of men. They proudly combine various clothing items from this brand such as trousers, T-shirts and cardigans. Enthusiasts follow Stone Island closely and do not order until during the sale periods. Because they experience that this fashion brand is a valuable addition to their wardrobe every season. In our webshop you can not only buy well-known but also exclusive models. In addition to our online store you can also physically view our complete men's range in our beautiful store in Schijndel, the Netherlands.

Vousten Sports is rated with a 4,7 / 5 based on 171 reviews.