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Stone Island swimwear


Stone Island swimwear at Vousten

Stone Island is the popular brand in the entire collection at Vousten Sports. The durable clothing of Stone Island is stylish and has a sporty look. The exclusive clothing of the brand Stone Island is loved by young people, but also by the older generation. Besides the beautiful Stone Island jackets, sweatersaccessories and pants Stone Island also has swimwear of an ultimate quality fabric. Just like all the other clothes, these swim shorts have a Stone Island badge with a compass on it and the brand name on both sides. 

Are you enthusiastic about functional and durable clothing made from innovative materials? Then Stone Island fits you well. The Stone Island clothes are of exceptional quality and last for years!

The compass logo of Stone Island on swim shorts

Stone Island you probably recognise it as that brand with a compass logo on the left side of the clothes, but what is actually the story behind the brand Stone Island? In 1982, the brand Stone Island was founded by Massimo Osti. Massimo was an Italian designer. He discovered a new fabric that he wanted to make something out of, but it did not fit between the clothes of his own Italian brand: C.S. Company. Therefore, he founded a new brand called Stone Island. With this innovative material, Stone Island swimming shorts were made.

Where does the name Stone Island come from? Massimo was inspired by the uniforms of soldiers and his love for the maritime industry. He read a lot from books by prose writer Joseph Conrad, which mainly dealt with the dangerous life at sea. The main topics 'Stone' and 'Island' from these books were combined to form the Stone Island brand. Just like all other clothing, the swimming trunks also have a patch on the left side of the trouser leg. The patch with the compass symbol is a military badge that pays homage to the maritime sector. Unlike most Stone Island clothes, these swimming trunks do not have a detachable emblem, but a nicely processed logo print.

What makes a Stone Island swim shorts unique?

Stone Island swimming shorts are known for their durability, timeless designs and high quality fabrics used. The brand distinguishes itself by its ingenuity in material use and dyeing and knitting techniques. Because of this exceptional quality fabric used, the swim shorts will last for years. 

Stone Island swim shorts are characterized by the modern light shiny fabric; made of the material polyamide. In addition, the swimming trunks can be recognized by the stripe on the sides of Ton sur Ton: a color combination of the same color type. The Stone Island swim trunks give a sporty and at the same time a maritime look by the incorporated iconic logo print on the left side of the swimming trunks. Besides being beautiful, the Stone Island swimming trunks are also very comfortable.

What is the collection of Stone Island swimwear at Vousten?

Stone Island regularly expands their basic collection in the new seasonal colours and uses innovative materials and fabrics with the latest techniques every year. Vousten has an extensive Stone Island range including the swimwear. The swim shorts are available in a type of model with an elastic waistband. With the help of a drawstring, you can pull the swim shorts until they fit your figure nicely. Furthermore, the swim shorts have two slit pockets at the front and a pocket with Velcro at the back. 

The Stone Island swim shorts are available at Vousten in different colors. Are you a fan of a basic color that you can easily combine? Vousten has black, dark blue and grey Stone Island swim shorts in its range. If you prefer a more cheerful and summery look, we also have green and blue Stone Island swim shorts. Do you want a total maritime look matching the Stone Island logo? Then go for our army green Stone Island swim short! For the daily or sportive outfit, we also have Stone Island pants at Vousten.

Stone Island swim shorts blue (33886)
€ 145,00
Stone island swim shorts army green (33767)
€ 145,00
Stone island swim shorts blue (33766)
€ 145,00
Stone island swim shorts gray (33887)
€ 145,00
Stone island swim shorts green (33888)
€ 145,00
Stone Island Swim Shorts Dark Blue (32079)
€ 145,00

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