Discover our renewed streetwear basement

At Vousten Mode we are always looking for ways to improve and innovate the shopping experience of our customers. That is why we are pleased to announce the opening of our completely renewed streetwear basement, where there is room for the most beautiful sportswear. This new space has been carefully designed to offer an even better and inspiring shopping experience, full of stylish fashion, high-quality products and a unique atmosphere.


The basement at Vousten Mode has been given a complete makeover. With a modern and elegant design, the new furnishings create a luxurious and inviting atmosphere. Clean lines, refined lighting and carefully chosen decorations create a stylish ambiance that fits perfectly with the high-quality fashion collections that we offer.


In our renovated basement we present an extensive selection of top brands known for their quality and stylish sportswear. Brands such as Stone Island, C.P. Company, Flaneur and Valenza are well represented and offer the latest collections for the fashion-conscious man.

Stone Island: This brand is known for its innovative designs and high-quality materials, perfect for the man who seeks both style and functionality.

Flaneur: A flâneur is a person who leisurely strolls the streets of the city, observing and appreciating the environment, often with a focus on culture, architecture and people watching.

Valenza: Valenza excels in simplicity and quality. Using the best Supima cotton, Valenza produces the most beautiful t-shirts, polo shirts and more.

C.P. Company: C.P. Company is the original Italian sportswear brand specializing in clothing dyeing technology since 1971.


Can’t come to our physical store? No problem! Our updated collection is also available online. On our user-friendly website you can easily browse through our range and order your favorite items. Benefit from fast delivery and excellent customer service, so you are always assured of the best shopping experience, wherever you are.